Right now, we are still in super-secret stealth mode. But, if you want to work with us (or for us), read on:


If you are a media firm, industry mover and shaker, or a VC (and, you’re “here to help us”) and think that you can percolate some life into the useless, slothful, ‘do nothing right’ team at bubbol.com, please let us know:

We are currently hiding behind our protector’s shadow: adrian.stone@stanfordpacific.com.

Oh, and please fire up your bots, because we love nothing more than spammers, time-wasters, and tire-kickers!



Job Seekers

If you like terrible pay, horrible conditions, and working in a total vacuum then we are the company for you! We are looking for Head Marketing Honchos (you had better have little or no relevant experience and no resume … and, we’re serious about this?! But, you had better know a thing or two about driving traffic!) and programming boffin types who like to work out of their bedrooms. What we can offer is some money (yeah!) and some equity (double yeah!) and the chance to make a real name for yourself (how does ‘Steve Zuckerburg’ sound?).

A couple of bright kids with time, talent, and little need for money (other than a basic $30k+ wage), but a HUGE desire to make it BIG is exactly what we are looking for …

If that’s you – don’t waste your time with us – look for a real opportunity. On the other hand, you could try sending ‘the old man’ and e-mail at: adrian.stone@stanfordpacific.com, but no begging please … just get to the back of the line and wait your turn at the window!

And, just for a real laugh, don’t forget to hack in and take down this site while you’re waiting for a reply.

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